Friday, August 6, 2010

Cup Holder

I am currently on Face book much more than I am on the blog, but there are some who are not FB-ers so I figured I wold at least put in an update.

I was reading through some of my older posts and God truly has taken me through some deep water, but maybe none as deep as today's, other than maybe Grant's event. The economy is taking it's toll on many businesses and PG is no exception. I believe we have a great business model, but there are times when it gets really tight and God must work in order for us to continue.

I think the hardest thing for me in all of this is that I am not deserving of His grace and mercy to work on my behalf, and yet I have to ask Him to work because He is the only One Who can change the situation. No banker has the power to change our situation, no one person can make us enough sales to get us out, no one can make advertising work, it is all up to Him.

So as I often say, All I can do is trust that He will provide, work as hard as I can and leave the rest is His hands. That is difficult for one who wants to be working all the time and contributing. I truly am the beggar who holds up his cup over and over again for the Lord to fill it and He always has, so I have no reason to believe that He will not again, BUT it is difficult to wait on Him and His timing. It is perfect, and I can write that here, but it is quite another thing to rest.

Please pray for me that I would really trust.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prayer Requests

I have a couple of things I would like to bring before you for you to bring before the Father in your prayer time.

I am going to have a meeting with the bank again this week, its been a while since this was necessary. While many business are hurting in America and the banks are no exception to that, we are very dependent on our relationship with the bank. With sales not as high as we feel like we need them to be, God knows and gives what we need, this makes it difficult to make our budget numbers. I always want us to be doing so well that all our business partners are excited, in a good way, to do business with us. Right now we could look a lot better. Please pray for wisdom for me to know what to say and for their understanding. We are all in this together and we need each other to be successful, but most small banks now have added pressure to make their numbers look better with profitable, growing companies and there are not very many of them out there right now.

As always, please pray for sales. Just like in your home budgets, more dollars coming in gives you lots of advantages that are only afforded by that level of income coming in. PG, and all businesses for that matter, are driven by cash coming in. Sales currently are not bad, but we need to really turn that around the last half of the year and make it a great half.

On a non PG note, please pray for Kimmy and Ian that the would find employment and in that employment they would have ministry opportunity. They both have numerous applications out, but need to find the right place to land. God has it perfectly planned and they need to wait on Him, but we also must ask Him to provide that.

Please pray for the heart of the students who just returned from our summer retreat. I think they were challenged but it is easy to return home and have it go back to being just like it was before they left. May this have been a life changing time for them.

We have not because we ask not and often we ask with selfish motives. When we pray for others it is much harder to be selfish, both in the request and in our daily lives. Please do pray.