Friday, April 9, 2010

A Bit Random

In my daily- chronological- Bible reading plan there were a few things that stood out to me today.

1 Sam. 4- The Ark was not going to save the Israelites if God didn't want that to happen.
Chp. 5- the Ark didn't need the Israelites to protect it.
I love that the Philistines were trying to get it and as soon as they took it they realized that they really didn't want it.
Even the Philistines knew that if the cows took it back directly that this was the hand of God.
I laughed when I read about the Ark making their god "bow down" before it. Can you imagine what must have been going through their minds? Finally it just ends up to be a trunk- no arm and no head. And then they want to go back and worship that god? Talk about settling for "second".

Chp 8- Israel wants a king so they can be just like every other nation. Samuel knew this was wrong but he inquired of God and God told him to let the people have what they wanted. This reminds me of America- right now. We have the health care reform bill and maybe it is because we want to be like all the other nations in the world- we, supposedly, are the last major nation w/o this type of health care program. I don't want America to be like the rest of the world.

Interesting reading.

Then something a bit more random. How does John Piper endorse Rick Warren as being Biblical? Piper is giving his time and energy to some people who- in my opinion- should not be getting it; like Driscoll and now Warren. Is Piper paying attention?

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bean said...

This was kind of random. :) I am interested to see what happens that the DG National Conference. I'm not making any decisions about it yet. :) As to Driscoll, from what I've seen, I do think that Piper's interaction with him has been admirable - looking to come alongside a (sometimes misdirected) strong young leader.

There, that was a random response from a random girl to a random post.