Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Miles Apart

I have some friends who's son is in the Army and is in Afganistan right now. For us the time goes by pretty quickly because we are busy with all kinds of things and life moves along. I am pretty sure it isn't moving as quickly for him there. As I was walking and praying for them this morning I was reminded of a few things.

I'm in the Lord's Army

This young man has a guitar with him and has some sheet music to practice with. The music is praise and worship centered and so he is doing just that; playing, praising and worshipping in a tent half way around the world. Remember, he's in the Army. The Army is not busting out at the seams with young people who are committed to Christ anymore than the balance of the population here in the States is. He's truly in a hostile environment in more ways than one.

As he was playing some of the guys who room with him were taking a video and making fun of him and then they posted it on FB for all their friends to see and I presume they are wanting their friends to join in the mockery.

To the "Rescue"
As a parent I know this would make me upset and in his case, his parents were not very happy about what had happened and would like something to be done to take the posting down or whatever. "Just don't leave it there as a reminder that someone is picking on my son". I completely understand.

The Precedent
A precedent is something that has been done before that establishes and determines the way things will be done in the future. As I was thinking about this situation this morning and praying for their family to be strong I was reminded that The Father sent His Son to "another part" of His world to be an ambassador to some hostile people. From The Father's perspective what must have been His feelings of making the situation right as He watched the created ones treat His most loved Son with such disregard and hatred? How did He not just come down and "handle the situation" right then and there? What patience.

The Son too had to be undergoing some intense pressure to not want to call those 10k angel to rescue Him from the hands of people who should rightfully have been falling down at His feet, but He didn't. He endured for the joy set before Him all that we gave to Him and yet w/o sin.

So as I think about those mistreating my friend, think about how his family is feeling, think about the ways I have been mistreated and have mistreated others, I am thankful that God is patient and that The Son was willing to carry out the mission all the way until the end- which was death for Him- only to be buried and raised. He gives the phrase "I'll be back" new and glorious meaning and when He comes back He'll then make it all right.

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