Monday, January 14, 2013

26 Reasons I Love Her

This is to celebrate being married to my friend and wife Teresa for 29 years. I actually wrote this 3 years ago so that is why "26" reasons. She is certainly a patient woman even in waiting for a draft she never knew was written. It's all still true.

26 reasons I love her

Her heart is happy when she laughs
As she busies herself making me fat
She loves a trick if she is the “tricker”
And prefers to garden without the stickers
She’s journeyed long and winding roads
Ably carrying heavy loads
She’s all too easily entertained
A little reckless in keeping her aim
She aptly delivers CPR
For sure that one will leave a scar
A heart of gold that loves to give
Smallest pleasures make her live
To kids she is a special friend
Quick to nurture and defend
Not many more than she does care
She, her all, loves to share
Quick to have a tear filled eye
Even in happiness she will cry
To complete me, she does so well
A difficult task- Oh do tell
What a special friend and wife
God has given for this life
I pray that He will give me sight
In how to bring a little light
This gift of stewardship here on earth
I love her second and love Him first

I love you Teresa Dawn

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