Monday, February 25, 2013

Perfect Timing

Yesterday I was talking with a close friend of mine about finances and their job and it came up that they have been waiting for a full-time position at work, have been told numerous times they will get that position soon which would result in a raise in pay and of course more stability for the family.

They asked, "What should I do? Do I just let them take their time or should I go and bring it up again?" 

I know the value this person has to the company and so my suggestion was to go again and say "What can I do to add more value to the company so I am able to go full-time?"

Well God always has an awesome way of working things out. This morning the person went in to the manager and asked that question while reminding him of the previous promises and that there is currently more month than money coming in and here is the response they got; "This could not have come at a more perfect time. The president of the company will be here this week, we need to add another person to do the work that you have been doing and so I will recommend you as the best person for the job and he normally listens to what I say and tells me to do that".

How could it be, other than God working it out, that their request came at the perfect time? God directs the hearts of leaders in all areas, including work.

Notice that there was a need to go and ask. We often don't have because we don't ask-right? So, God does expect us to work hard and to do the necessary things to be promotable but He is certainly the One who works out all the details.

Such a great story- thanks for sharing my friend.

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