Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lessons from a Girl- who isn't even 2 years old

Being a grandpa is awesome and it's even better when you get to see the grand kids every day in person. That happens when everyone lives under the same roof. That's on purpose.

We have 3 babies, Job will be 3 Aug 5th, Ruthie will be 2 Sept 17th and EllaBeth is just over a month. There are some busy people in this house and the noise level is pretty high at times. 

Each of the little people have their own personality and character traits. While there is overlap there is also uniqueness a-plenty.

Ruthie is the subject of my lesson this past few weeks. How can someone who is not yet 2 years old teach an old guy like me things about God? Add to that the fact that she can barely talk and this gets even more poignant. 

You see Ruthie is the sweetest, bright-eyed, steal-your-heart-with-a-smile kind of girl. She is full of life, busy all the time and very decisive. She knows what she wants and is very happy to tell you repeatedly what that is. She is also happy to tell you what she doesn't want and if she doesn't get that pretty quickly you'll definitely hear about it. 

As my first grand daughter she has stolen my heart. That's the way it's supposed to be. So what's the lesson.

More often than not she wants her mama or "Gigi", who is grandma. Apparently when I am not near by she is asking about me all the time and seems to be very interested in knowing what I am doing, but when I am around she often is not interested in any advances of affection from me. She just walks off and says "no". 

You might say, "Get over it, she's not even 2" and that would be understood but there is a lesson here she is teaching and she'd like for me and you to get it. 

She's teaching me how I often related to my Heavenly Father. He lavishes all good things on me without reservation, longs for the closest of relationships with me and yet often I am too busy doing my own thing. He is constantly showing His love and affection to me and yet I am looking the other way, thinking I know what I need while He is offering what I truly need. 

I am not trying to give Ruthie bad things or things that will make her sick and yet she is not that interested in what I am offering but instead thinks she knows what's best. 

Hmmm, I am often "Ruthie" in my relationship with The Father. 

When she turns the corner and is once again kind and sweet, I of course am excited to continue the relationship and lavish all my love onto her, which she then happily accepts: for the moment. It's my delight to get to show my love to her. 

The Father's unconditional love looks the same way when we have been doing our own thing, going our own way and seeking our own pleasure. When we return He is excited to start anew. He doesn't push us away or make us go "think about it" for a while. He lavishes His kindness and love on us once again, just like I am so excited to be loved and needed by Ruthie.

Just something to consider. 

“The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward Him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

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