Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is NOT Splenda

Yesterday was Kimmy's BD and Friday was Teresa's. Kind of a crazy weekend, but good crazy.For Kimmy's BD we, as a family, went to Wally's memorial service.

What a God honoring service it was. The Good News of Jesus Christ was shared numerous times and remembering Wally's life was very sweet.

The reason I titled this post, "Not Splenda", is because Wally was not artificially sweet, but he was the real thing. He was pure sugar, and that was evident by those who got up and talked. Wally truly loved people and enjoyed the process that God had him in.

When he found out he had cancer, he called his pastor and told him the news and said something to the effect of, If this is what God has for me, then I'm ok with that, I'd like to be healed, but God is making the calls and I'm good with that. What a testament to ETPing.

I will miss Wally. He mixed his business and the rest of his life well. He was generous, but a good steward as well. He accomplished much in his business, yet accomplished much in his relationships. He was both serious and relaxed. He was smart, yet never let you know that he thought he was.

Pray for Sheri and the family, as today will be very hard. The rest of our lives go on, almost business as usual, but there is a "Jesus shaped" hole left in the Carruthers house, and it will be very noticeable for them in all the little things that don't get said and done.

Something I don't do very well is treasure every moment, and so my encouragement to you, and me, is to treasure the little things we have right in front of us, right now.

God is Good
In Everything
God is Good

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