Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Expectant Father Awaits

Our daughter and 10 week old grandson were just here for a week and we put them on a plane yesterday headed back to NC, home and husband/daddy. I really hate "Goodbyes" about as much as anything in life. Especially considering the amount of those I have done in my life you would think I would be used to them by now, but-no.

One of the things that Kimmy said before she left was that it is easier to leave knowing she has Ian on the other side and they were looking forward to being together again. I am sure the reunion was sweet with those 2 as well as Ian with his little man. But is there a picture of the heart of God in prayer there for us in both of those relationships? I think so.

The Song of Songs gives us so many illustrations of the Beloved and Lover coming back together from the world and just enjoying the sweet fellowship that the world takes away. And the love of the Father is shown often throughout Scripture as His children come to Him. That picture is not left in the pages of Scripture though and is still available today through prayer.

Imagine, dream and realize that our Father awaits us coming to Him in prayer. Often the cares and lure of the world take us away from prayer and fellowship with Him. We are busy with life and doing so many "good" things, but He delights in the prayers of His children as much, even more, than we are excited to be reunited with the ones we love. His love for us is unconditional and perfect and He desires to have sweet fellowship with us through prayer.

Don't be drawn away too long. Don't let the enemy's lies of the picture of the impatient Father steal your time away. Don't be too busy with the work to go to the Source of strength. Don't be proud and pretend to not need Him. He is waiting and He loves you and is excited for you to come to Him.

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