Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Outcome is Secure

Sometimes it is difficult to know why we are in a certain set of circumstances; why someone has died, or is very sick, why our job situation is indefinite or non-existant, the reasons behind family disunity or friendships ending. We can't see the end and often we are left just seeing and feeling the pain of the right now, and it can be pervasive. At these times what should we do?

1. Remember that God is good and kind and that He has taken us, and literally thousands of generations through these kinds of times and He will not fail us now. The Israelites did this when they built an ebenezer along the paths they often walked. Can you hear them saying these kinds of things to their children? "This one here is for when God brought us over that huge sea, and can you imagine that we walked through the middle of that water and the ground was dry?", or "This is the place where God delivered us from..." They told their children's children these stories because they, both kids and parents alike, need to be reminded.

2. Speak to each other in song, hymns and spiritual songs, making melody in your hearts towards God. This is all kinds of speech reminding us to be joyful in God. Reciting God's Word and promises to each other. We quickly forget what someone says and Satan is good at twisting the truth around and if we continue to rehearse Truth to each other we will be encouraged as will others.

3. Remind ourselves that we don't have to know the outcome, all we have to know is that the outcome is secure. If you know the outcome of a game before you watch it, doesn't it take away all the anxiety? I mean, if you know your team wins, it doesn't matter how far down they are at the start of the game, you can sit back and say "This is really gonna be fun to watch how they come back". Our "win" is secured if we are in Christ. He supplies the strength and there is nothing that can separate us from His love, which is the "win". So it doesn't matter if "friends may fail me, foes assail me- He my Stength my victory wins". It doesn't matter, eternally speaking, if we lose a job, friend, family member or are faced with any other trial in our lives, what matters is that He is in control and we can rest in Him.

Rest in His care today. Encourage someone in His faithful care. Recite His Word to yourself and others. Conform the god in your head to the God of the Bible. He is for us so no one can be against us.

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