Tuesday, May 6, 2008

God the Amazing Orchestra Director

Thank you to all the EMS personnel in the US. Thanks for your hard work, for missing out on the "fun" that others are having while you are studying or working to learn what drug works to start hearts, how the defibrillator works, how to perform effective CPR and for just being there when we call.

Grant and I went to the fire station tonight. They were having their monthly meeting and I asked if we could come and encourage them with Grant's "aliveness".

The people in the EMS world often only get to hear about the people who don't make it, or who have a long road to recovery and I wanted to thank them for their work on our behalf. I got more than I bargained for.

The Chief started the meeting by telling the side of the story that I didn't know. God had arranged for Teresa to be home, in the kitchen, for me not to have taken off and a host of other things that made the event what it was. The part I didn't know was that it wasn't that long ago that this particular station would not have had any staff there on the weekends and it would have taken 15-20 minutes for an aid unit to arrive at our house. I think it took about 6 minutes. The reason it only took 6 minutes is because the call came into the stations that a 17 year old male was in cardiac arrest and almost the entire department was at the station because it was the ANNUAL pancake breakfast morning. All the staff was there and ready to go, the trucks ready for the first sign of an emergency, ready to perform at the highest level.

I told the staff that Teresa had said to me on that Saturday morning that when the guys were working on Grant they were a great team. No one was idle and everyone had a job to do and was doing it. It is so nice to see a team that is running like a well oiled machine, especially when they are saving your son's life. The chief said that while he was watching his team work on Grant he was thinking that he had seen these kind of situations and more than likely Grant was not going to make it. He just was not responding the way that he should have been. God is Good:) What a sweet addition to an already sweet story.

Just thought you would appreciate the new twist.

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Micah James Lugg said...

It is really cool to hear of more puzzle pieces coming together. God is the only reason that Grant is alive today.

It seems that God probably does things like this everyday and deserves the same recognition everyday, but we either don't see it or don't know about it. But events like what happened to Grant give us a better opportunity to see God's "behind the scenes" action and it is only cause for more praise.