Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Actually Have Three Kids

Proverbs 10:1 The proverbs of Solomon:
A wise son brings joy to his father,
but a foolish son grief to his mother.

Proverbs 15:20 A wise son brings joy to his father,
but a foolish man despises his mother.

A friend of mine told me today that he thought I had 3 kids, and he only has read about 2 on the blog. Garrett, I'm sorry for taking so long to high light you here. I love you and am proud to be your dad. You're awesome.

Since you haven't heard too much about Garrett in the blog, and I will try to rectify that right now.

Here is Garrett in a nut shell.

Disciplined (more than any other high school guy I know), athletic, loves righteousness, funny, a good friend, smart, quick witted and a very kind heart.

Garrett loves to check off the box. If you give him a list of things to do, he will virtually never miss. He works so hard to not miss his quiet time reading his Bible. He's a machine doing exercises and taking out the garbage, he is on it.

Garrett loves basketball, and it's too bad he is related to me, because that means he won't be 6'6". He can jump and he is VERY white:) He shoots on the sport court very frequently and he loves to watch and analyze BB on TV. He was the goalie for the GA soccer team last year, and I think he is looking forward to that again this year. He has had an issue with in-grown toe nails, so this is a better place for him, and he is good at it. Grant is helping Garrett to be a better golfer and he will him there.

Garrett is like his mom, in that he really, really likes to talk. We have grown accustom to it, but if you ever watch a movie with him it is annoying when he says all the lines before the actors do. We have to tell him to be quiet a lot during movies. Teresa is the same way, except she is asking questions that there is no possible way anyone could know, unless they have seen the movie previously.

Garrett is a good friend. He always wants to do what's right and he has some good friends that help keep him accountable. He is really a sweet guy.

On March 22nd, when I arrived at the hospital, Garrett was there and he was really shaken up. He was so concerned for his Grant. He would have been a mess if Grant didn't make it. Parents want their kids to be friends with each other and this is really happening with our kids. It awesome. He had a hard time going into the shower in their bathroom after the event, because he could still "see" Grant lying there not breathing. He is working his way through it. Thanks for your prayers for him.

I don't normally go to plays, especially high school plays. Last weekend GA high school performed "Arsenic and Old Lace". As I walked into the play I really had no idea what it was about, except it must have something to do with poison.

First of all, the kids did an amazing job. I was totally blown away. The set was nice, the make up was over the top and the kids knocked their parts out of the park.
Garrett was Teddy Roosevelt, who, in the play is a crazy guy. I knew that Garrett had been working really hard on his lines and had been a the school practicing, like the other kids, some pretty serious hours. This is a picture of Garrett/Teddy from he first scene. I didn't even know it was him.

He is a funny man naturally and I accused the drama teacher of type casting. He did an amazing job. All the kids did.

I will try to post more about all three kids, so you can all have the privilege of "knowing" them. They are all keepers:)

I love you Garrett,

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Bekah said...

I will say this about Garrett, he makes an unbelievable Teddy Roosevelt!! I am glad that you have three kids, your family wouldn't be complete with Garrett!

sar said...

i love your garrett! he is a great kid and i'm glad he and zac have each other!