Saturday, June 5, 2010

PG Personal Purity

We had a pretty bad month last month and this week was pretty pathetic as well. We have containers coming in with new material and it would be awesome if God decided to let us have a bunch of sales to pay for them.

It is so hard to wait on Him for all we need, but in reality it is only Him that we depend on for all our needs. Please pray that He would allow us to have some contracts signed this next week, that people who have already signed up would be ready so we can install more rather than less. Every day that goes by that the schedule is not full is an install opportunity that is lost forever.

What does this Great God have in mind of us as we try to do what He desires for us to do?

On a similar but different thread, I have been thinking much lately about personal purity. As I read through my Bible reading plan I am in Solomon's life and of course recently past David. I am struck by the fact that God punished the entire nation of Israel for David's personal sin. As a leader, of PG and other things, it makes me realize that if God would punish an entire nation for the sin of a man who was after His own heart, He would certainly not spare those around me for my own sin.

Maybe God is punishing PG for something I have done. This is such a precarious place to be in. There is no way that I can ever be holy enough to not deserve to be punished, there will never be enough purity on my part for me to deserve to be blessed and this is so difficult to carry. God knows our weakness and He has created us to be like we are and yet I am still responsible for my own actions. If I do what is right it is only because God has allowed me to desire it. If I do what is wrong it is completely my responsibility.

May He allow us to lead holy and blameless lives so that He would want to bless us. please pray for that for me.

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