Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's the Plan

Christ left Heaven- where He was the center of unending, perfect praise- to come to earth to be the center of all out rebellion and enemies trying to kill Him from the time of His birth until He gave up His life to die on the cross. That was the Father's plan and Christ was the agent of that plan. There is no way that we gain Heaven or eternal life without that plan. How often do we really think about that?

So, since that is the plan and Christ was willing to lay down the comforts of Heaven and equality with the Father, to have the Father turn His back on Him, what should our response be?

All too often I find myself stuck in the seen things of this world; stuck living as if all that is around me is the most important while neglecting the truly important. What will it profit if we gain the WHOLE world and yet lose our souls? If that statement is correct- and it is- then what will it profit if we gain the smallest fraction of the world and lose our soul?

We will only realized the disparity of our existence completely when we reach Heaven. We can't even begin to comprehend how much better it will be there as compared to where we live now. We can have a dream job, amazing spouse, incredible kids and grand kids, live in the most beautiful place on the planet and when we reach Heaven we will have to say that we lived in the ghetto compared to what we have just been given.

Every relationship we have now will pail in comparison to the one we have for all of eternity with Christ. The best of times with other sinners will be as compared to enemies when we hold it up to having a perfect relationship with Christ for all of eternity.

So today, we must live as if it is our last day- because it might be- and we must love each other enough to encourage and exhort one another to love and good deeds, no matter what others say and we must live in light of eternity; we must live on unseen things.

May The Holy Spirit give us a glimpse into what Heaven will be like and may He give us the faith to trust that it will be that good. Talk about Heaven, think about it, encourage one another with it and know that it is coming sooner than we might imagine; maybe before today is done. Oh that He would come back today.

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