Friday, July 2, 2010

Heavy Heart

Today started with something that is not m norm- chatting with an old friend on FB. This particular friend is now divorced, even though I had tried to keep them together. I am not sure of either of their spiritual state but I do know they are both now very lonely and maybe would rather be in the messed up marriage they were in than to be where they are now; I can't say that with all certainty.

This is something that I have heard plenty about, getting divorced, or having a hard time in the marriage. It seems there are too many people going through difficult times and the world is attacking them from all kinds of directions. I just keep thinking that it would be so much better if Christ came back tonight. I can't help but think that if life were really good here on earth we would never want to leave and we would always be happy to just stay here and keep living.

One of family friend is having surgery today for mouth cancer. Just another reminder of all the pain and suffering that people are going through. I haven't heard what the results are from the surgery, but life is so short and fragile- we are grass that grows today and is gone tomorrow. When will we ever really admit that we are that frail?

My heart is just heavy tonight because there is nothing I can really do about any of these situations and yet I can take it to my Father Who is ale to save marriages and restore health. He is the only One Who has the power to keep His promises and He can give to us whatever He He knows it will take to bring us to Himself and bring Himself glory.

I want to have a tender heart to the needs and cares of others, but I know that this is not my normal tendency. The Holy Spirit can do this work in my heart if I stay in the Word and ask Him to make me the person He would have me to be. May we have the heart of our Savior. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, but He also loved perfectly and hated sin and its effects.

Maybe tonight. Maybe tonight.

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