Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please pray

As with any house hold, there are times when cash flow is good and it seems you can rest easier bc all the bills are paid and you still have a little money in the bank and there are also times when you look at the check register and the bills that need to be paid and you wonder how this will ever work out.

Right now at PG we are in the second spot. We not only have all our normal bills but we have had some pretty significant, unexpected (by us) bills come into play. All this is no surprise to The Father and He promises to supply all our needs and so as usual we can turn to Him, we must turn to Him, and ask that He supply those needs for us.

Please pray that He would supply those needs, that He would go ahead of us in the banking situation and work all the details out. There are so many things that are completely over my head and right now it could not be more true. Please pray that I would have wisdom to know what to do and what not to do, that I would have patience to wait on Him and strength to work where it is necessary.

God is big and I have seen Him work in amazing ways, in my own life, on PG's behalf and in the lives of countless others around me. Now is not when He will forget or neglect to work for our good and His glory. Thanks in advance.

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