Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Up Date

It seems like I don't post as often here, and I don't, but you can find my shorter thought on Face book now.
It also seems like the only thing I post about is what's happening at PG. I wish I could report that much more is happening. The economy is taking it's toll on us, as well as many others, and we really need to get some closed deals in. We need to finish the year very strong as we have a pretty big hole to dig out of. I guess this is a place where God alone can erase the deficit and it will take His work to take us out of it.
Sometimes I think that God lets us get this low in order that there is no other way out. So, please pray for sales. I don't want us to not have because we did not ask. I know He can do this for us, I just am not sure if He will. I guess we will find out soon enough. I cherish your prayers on our behalf. God is good.

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