Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trial are Good, Not easy

I would have never thought that I would rejoice in trial; not just when they are over but maybe even in the midst of them. This can only be God working in me, as this can't come from me.
As I read this Spurgeon post I could not help but think how much richer m life has been since He has added trials to it. The world would think this is crazy talk, but God's economy is much different than our own. We can only live this way if we live on unseen things. He has something better for us- we must believe Him.

"The Lord has shown us His glory."
--Deuteronomy 5:24

"God's great design in all His works is the manifestation of His own glory; any lesser goal would be unworthy of Him. But how will He show His glory to fallen creatures as we are? Man's eye is not naturally focused on God; he is always glancing away towards his own honor, has too high an estimate of his own abilities, and, therefore, is not qualified to behold the glory of the Lord. It is clear, then, that self must get out of the way so that God can be exalted.

This is why He so often brings His people into trials and difficulties-- that by being made conscious of their own foolishness and weakness they are more prepared to behold the majesty of God when He saves them. If a person's life is one, even, smooth path, he will see very little of God's glory for he has few occasions of self-emptying and, therefore, little preparation to be filled with the revelation of God. Those who navigate little streams and shallow creeks know very little about the God of the storm.

Thank God, then, if you have been led by a rough road for it has given you an experience of His greatness and loving-kindness. Your troubles have made you wealthy with knowledge that can be gained by no other means. Your trials have caused you to take refuge in the cleft of the rock where Jehovah hides you so that you can behold His glory as it passes by. Praise God that you have not been left to the darkness and ignorance which continued prosperity might have produced, but that in the great fight of affliction, you have seen the outshining of His glory in His wonderful dealings with you." [M&E]

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