Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black and White

It has occurred to me lately that there are a lot of black and white sort of people around me. Maybe I am the same way, I am not sure. Sometimes it is hard to see how we really are because our hearts are deceitful.

What am I talking about with regard to "black and white people"? It seems there are many who see something written down and then decide that is the way it is- period. "The Bible says this" or "The rule says this" and that is the end of the discussion. It seems that Jesus had to correct some thinking as He went about teaching. He said "You have heard it said, but I say..." The people, especially the religious people, of His day seem like they were also pretty black and white. They had the law and they were gonna stick by it, which is not a bad thing, but then they started to add to it. They added many burdens that no one, not even they, could carry.

Is this how it is it normally with the B&W's? Maybe they say, "Praising God has to be done in this way and you can't change it because if you do then it is 'Devil worship'". Maybe it's -If you don't have X tradition then you are sort of a second class Christian, if you're a Christian at all. Or, - you did such and such and so they conclude that you must not be a Christian.

I am so thankful that we have the law but that we don't live under the law. I am happy that there is gray areas in the Bible and in our lives; that we can disagree with someone over some doctrinal issue, who is really smart and yet stills loves Jesus, and still be friends and have fellowship; I mean we are going to spend eternity together so shouldn't we practice living together in harmony now? Is it ok to throw out everything someone writes or says because you don't agree with their eschatology? What makes you think that you are right? It's good to believe what you believe but not to think that you have all the answers and everyone else is an idiot and has no understanding of anything.

I want to be one who is grounded in the majors and glad there is a lot of gray in the minors. I want to be ready to listen and understand what others are saying while still be friends of we don't perfectly agree. I want to listen to the points the "smart people" make, be able to allow the Spirit to teach me and still be friends when I don't agree with all that they are saying about everything. It seems like that is more unifying than the "you don't believe what I believe so you are either not a Christian or you're stupid" approach. There is a lot of gray here on earth and having discernment to know what is B&W and what is ok to be gray is good. I hope I get it soon.

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