Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can I get a Witness?

Are you witnessing to the people around you?

What does that question conjure up in your mind? What's the first thing you think about? If you're old like me it is probably handing out tracts or giving someone a bunch of Bible verses when you talk to them. Are you smelling what I'm stepping in?

But is that the way that most of the "witnessing" is done in life? In John 4:1-15 Jesus is talking with a woman whose life is kind of a mess, in fact buy all customs of the day Jesus should not have even been talking to her. But notice that Jesus engages the conversation in a very interesting way; He asks her for water- ok He tells her to give Him a drink.

I know that everything that Jesus said is a Bible verse and so you can make that argument, but He doesn't immediately go to the OT and start quoting verses, but rather He engages her right where she is and draws, no pun intended, her into the conversation; she is hooked and is now listening to every word He says.

Jesus' life was different than the rest of the men this lady knew; he actually talked to her and then He told her that HE would give HER water. That was counter cultural.

When we live differently than the world we are apt to have more opportunities the share the hope that is in us, but we have to live and live differently. We are witnessing all the time- with words and without. It just might be that the witness we are being is saying that we are just like everyone else the people know; hopeless.

The woman left Jesus' and what seemed to impress her most was that Jesus knew about her personally, not that He quoted the OT. He did give her verses but He connected with her heart and life. He was different than everyone else and she could tell that He cared for her. He gave her hope.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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josh said...

You're right on Chuck.And witnessing in this manner also opens up the door more effectively to future discipleship in a way that an impersonal (and IMHO, really goofy)tract wont do.