Friday, November 4, 2011

Does your day Suck?

The rain is falling, it's a Saturday in the middle of June and you wanted to work in the garden. You're driving to a game and the traffic is horrible and you want to get there in time to see your kid start. The plane is over booked and you want to get home because you are tired of being away.

All these things and many more similar but different crowd our lives seemingly almost daily. There is always something happening and it doesn't seem like it is often going the way we had planned. We have things that are important to us, and they should be, but maybe there are more important things happening in other's lives.

So, look at the rainy day from the perspective of the bride who is having an outdoor wedding that day, right around the corner from where you are trying to get into the garden. Maybe the traffic is backed up because someone was just in a really bad car wreck and your game doesn't seem quite as important. Maybe the person who really NEEDS the seat is going to see their family for the last time, or to the hospital to be with their dying friend.

We get so caught up in what is "important" to us that often we forget that there are others who have things that are actually important. Just a reminder as I think about my friend Brian Young going to Afganistan today and there are games that are "important", there are dinners to get ready and the list goes on and on. Pray for Brian and his family.

We are blessed in so many ways and the little inconveniences of life that aren't scheduled, not planned and make us grumble are not really that important. The things that are important are the relationships. I'm terrible at this but am often reminded of it so I want to be better.

Have a great day sitting in traffic, in the rain on the way to the airport.

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