Thursday, October 10, 2013

Parts Flying Everywhere.

I have a friend who is the parts manufacturing business and he makes some pretty sophisticated parts for military aircraft. These are generally very small parts that make up a larger part that makes up another larger part. These are very specific parts with very specific intended usage requirements. 

There have been a few airplane crashed that make the news at times. It seems that the little black box is something they are after right off the bat and then there is a full investigation as to what went wrong. Often they take the complete aircraft back to a warehouse/hanger type location and spread it across the floor in schematic form to see if they can draw clues as to what was the real cause of the plane's malfunction.

I can't remember a time when the entire engine flew off the wing or the tail just ripped completely off. That is not saying that this has never happened but it is not the norm for sure.

Now the parts my friend makes may go into the engine to perform a specific task or in the tail area as a jack screw or something like that. If those parts are manufactured and not put with the whole plane they will never fly by themselves. If they could have a dream they might dream of flying but they have to get with the rest of the parts to make the engine and then be attached to the wing which is attached to the fuselage and then they can fly.

If the part goes into the engine and it doesn't work the engine will not function properly or at all and there will be failure on some level.

Our part of community is quite the same way. We want to fly and we want to contribute in some sort of large way that will make a difference and yet it is the little things that enable 'flying". In some sense or another we are all part of each other's flight. 

In bodily form no one really is excited about being the foot until the foot is badly needed to perform at the highest level to get the rest of the body somewhere. If the foot can't perform then the rest of the body is restricted in its movement and maybe doesn't show up.

What's your part in this world? Does it seem insignificant? You're needed no matter what you think at the moment. How can you be the best performing part God intended you to be? 

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