Thursday, September 3, 2009

Student Baptism

We had a baptism service at our church last Sunday nigh; 13 of the students from 128, our youth ministry, were baptized. There were a few things that stood out to me in many of the testimonies that I would like to encourage you with.

1. Certainly it is all God's work and timing in each life. It is amazing that He would save any, and yet He chooses many of the people we know.

2. More often than not there is more than one person involved in the new believer's life that helps to point the way.

3. Often the people who are most influential in the process are not necessarily thought of highly while the battle for the soul is taking place. Often, the person who will end up having the most impact, is really disliked.

4. This person is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to hold the non believer's feet to the fire. They seem to all say that they didn't like the questions and being put on the spot, but are thankful for the person not leaving them in their sin.

5. When salvation occurs, by God's Amazing Grace, then the new believer often becomes friends with the person who asked the hard questions; now they have a new relationship and something sweet and fresh to talk about, when before there was no common ground; darkness and light can't dwell together.

God is so good and the service, with all the testimonies was such an encouragement. Seeing God take these young lives and change them into ambassadors for His Kingdom is so sweet. Pray for the students who were baptized that they would remain strong in their faith and that God would use them in a mighty way to expand His Kingdom. Pray that they would be bright lights for His glory and that they would have a be impact on their classmates and fellow students this coming school year.

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Jasleen said...

Baptism is such a special thing. God is so gracious to allow us to even associate ourselves with His name, much more so to adopt us as His children. I'm so excited for all those that were baptized (especialy for Garrett and would you mind passing on those congrats? :D ). Anyway, it was good seeing you. Mr. Weinberg!