Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PG Update

April is finished- how quickly time flies- and I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, not more showers.

Our record setting pace in March gave way to more normal sales in April. While I love to be really busy at PG and have lots of sales coming in, I do know that it is God Who brings each one and He knows our needs, which means I must trust Him to supply exactly what it is that we need each day and month. I am so thankful that He is in charge of all these things.

Right now we are in the throws of the 127 Adoption fund raising event, coming on the 15th of this month, to be followed by Kimmy and Ian's wedding in just over 6 weeks, so there is plenty going on in our lives right now. All very good things and all with their own set of needs to be attended to.

Please pray for PG sales, for safety for the crews as they labor, for wisdom for us to know exactly what it is that we need to do in each situation and for God's continued blessing in all of these areas.

Also, please pray for 127 Adoptions and the fund raising event, for wisdom for all who are working on the team and for God to make it abundantly clear where we are to take this as we follow His leading. Pray for the more than 140 million orphans in the world.

Please pray for the wedding planning and for Kimmy and Ian. Pray for Ian as he starts to make decisions for the future with regard to housing and employment in NC, that he would finish well in school this week, that Kimmy would continue to gain strength after her surgery and that we would be ready to celebrate the union of these 2 with all we need to do, since the wedding and reception are at our house. Fun times to watch God work.

God has richly blessed us in so many ways and I don not want to be one who forgets what He is doing or one who forgets to give Him praise for what he has done. We must be a thankful people.

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