Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who is Garrett?

The son that used to be our youngest is graduating soon; Garrett. Since Garrett didn't go into cardiac arrest and he is not as outspoken as Kimmy, many don't know him that well.

Garrett is a very special young man. Yes, he is like his parents in that he talks too much, but the nit generally doesn't fall too far from the tree. So who is this Garrett guy and what is he like.

Garrett may be one of the wittiest people I know. It is dangerous to get into a verbal spar with him because his brain is very quick. He is a very good athlete, but like his parents, he will never be exceptional at any, just pretty good at most. He currently is playing golf and do multiple track and field events; maybe the first person at Grace Academy to do that. I think he will go to districts in both and we'll see about state. He's good at basketball and soccer as well.

But past sports who is he? I told him when he was in the 10th grade that from here on out he was required to get a 4.0 and he has done that, even while taking advanced courses like calculus.

He loves people. Garrett is the person who keeps in contact with all the kids who leave the school to go to running start or public school; he always makes them feel welcome. He takes interest even in the younger kids. It is not uncommon for us to have a few seniors at our house and some freshman as well. Garrett also loves our cat.

He is not afraid to ask hard spiritual questions of his friends. He shares what he is learning and desires that others would also grow in Christ. He is one of the most disciplined people I know. I told him in the 6th grade that he should do 20 push up and sit ups every night before he went to bed. 2-3 years later I asked him how he was doing with that and he told me(with some coercion) that he had not only never missed but he had upped him reps to something like 200 of each.

He is very quick to serve others. Last Saturday his small group leader- not me- needed some help moving 7 yards of pea gravel, with a shovel and wheel barrow. I told Garrett he needed help and he went over and worked at it until they had completely finished. When we asked the kids about getting John, even though Garrett would have to share his room and share his senior year activities with a new brother, he was quick to say that we should do it. He has not complained one time about having us dividing our time with he and John.

Garrett is tender hearts, fun, loves people, bright, caring, ripped and a friend to many. If you don't know him, I hope you have the opportunity to talk to him and get to know him. God has truly blessed our family by giving him to us.

We love you Garrett and can't wait to see what God does with your life as you give it over to Him.


kdw said...

I would have to agree with everything said! Garrett and I have a VERY special relationship! The day Garrett was born I went to the hospital to hold him for the VERY first time! I was three at the time. Once my mom put him in my arms, it was love at first sight! I looked up at her and said "thank you for having this baby for me!" I loved him to pieces the moment I set eyes on him! He will forever have a special place in my heart!

Garrett makes me laugh harder then most everyone, he is my favorite person to take to the grocery store (but he's picky about what store because of their carts), he is the one who gives me the HARDEST workouts EVER, he says the hard things but they don't come out all that hard (he can get away with ALOT), he is VERY loving, did I say funny yet?, Garrett reads his Bible like NO-ONE-ELSE and he reads ALOT (i bet he hasn't missed a day in YEARS!), he's the speller in the family, the brains, and my favorite middle brother (that is weird... I haven't called him anything but the youngest yet) but all in all... he is a GREAT brother and I love him to pieces!

I will miss you SO MUCH garrett! You HAVE to come visit me!!!! Love you!

Leila said...

Yay for Garrett! We're very thankful for him - and he makes a fantastic Captain Hook.