Monday, May 17, 2010

PG Update

I haven't given you updates as often as I should have been and this weekend our internet was out at home, which is probably ok, since I need a break from my computer every once in a while.

It seems like there are many people who are interested in getting bids and talking about doing something but not as many who are actually pulling the trigger. Sales have been more quiet than we would like and of the ones we have signed up, many are not ready to go right now.

Please pray that God would bring in a good amount of signed contracts and that many would be ready to go on the board for install, as this allows us to keep the guys working.

I read Is. 40 this morning and was reminded that it is God who provides and gives strength as we trust in Him. He knows exactly what we need and He promises to supply that need and I must JOYFULLY rest in His control. It is easier to rest in His care when we know we can't do more than we are doing already.

He is SO kind.

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