Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Senior Chapel

Today was senior chapel- meaning the seniors all stood up and briefly told what they had gleaned from Grace Academy and what they were going to move toward after next week's graduation. I try very hard not to miss these kinds of days.

Since I entered after the start I was sitting toward the back and could see many of the parents and families of the students poised with cameras and big smiles awaiting their student's turn. I know many of the students because of Garrett's involvement in his class and from being around GA for so long. There were not too many moments that were different than I expected as I sat waiting for the next to get up; the silly are still pretty silly, the sober are just that and the typically gracious are still gracious.

In my mind, just yesterday I was graduating from high school, though it has been almost 30 years now. The students in this senior class are a great bunch; many really and truly love the Lord and are committed to serve Him. As I thought about the ones I know more about, tears came to my eyes. God has done such an amazing work and I was just sitting back there rejoicing in His kindness to so many.

One that started the entire tear thing was a young lady whose parents were right in front of me. Just over a month ago she was not saved and God answered the prayer of so many who were petitioning Him to have mercy on her soul. Garrett told his Bible teacher that he had been praying for the salvation of 2 people and before he could turn in the paper God had answered that prayer in both of their lives.

As a dad I am especially excited that my high school senior would be praying for the salvation of others- God has worked in an amazing way in his heart.

AS an aside; the students named teachers who had really impacted their life and many named the same couple of teachers. It is interesting that those who impact student's lives are not necessarily the really fun- "I want to be your friend type"- but the ones who are a godly example and bring them back to Scripture. There's a pattern to follow after.

With the big day right around the corner, with much gratitude in my heart for what God has done in Garrett's life and in the lives of so many of these students, I wait with excitement to see what He will do in the lives of those students who truly want to live for Him and serve Him, whatever that may look like.

God is so AMAZING!!!

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