Friday, July 26, 2013

Seasons, Nothing more than Seasons

 The chilly air feels good this am as I enjoy it and the quiet for a little while, but if we were outside in shorts right now it would get cold pretty quick. But if I go outside in pants and a sweatshirt now, in about 5-6 hours I'll be too hot. It's almost like there is a season inside of a day.

If we pause for just a bit while going through our day and look around at people there are seasons going on right in front of us. Whether it's the little ones playing without a care in the world except when the next food gets delivered to them after they wash their hands, or the older gentleman who has some Dementia setting in after a long and productive career and is now waiting for someone to bring his food to him in an assisted living center and everything in between; there are seasons.

Some seasons that I see are the obvious calendar seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, infants all the way to the very elderly, temperature seasons, financial seasons, stage of life season like school and no school, DINKs, empty nesters and so many more. What are all these times about anyway? What would it be like to have NO seasons?

Frankly, I really like seasons; at least that is what I say out loud. Do I really like all the seasons? Or maybe I like some seasons and not others. I think that is truer than ALL seasons. Maybe you can relate.

There are aspects of each season that I like on the calendar. I like short days of winter when sleeping is easy because it's cold and dark or having a snow day. I like spring because there is a freshness in the air and everything is starting to come alive and the sun is shining, sometimes. I love summer because the days are long, it seems like it's very productive and I can get some vitamin D. I love the changing of the colors in fall, the smell that is associated with burning leaves and the anticipation of the holidays right around the corner.

In all those times the same things that I liked one season might be the exact opposite as in another time- like the length of days. How can it be both?

There is time and season for everything. That is not the internal issue that I face and maybe you do too. The issue is often times I want to be in a different season than I am currently residing. I think it is good that the smell of a Christmas candle goes great around the holiday season but seems completely out of place on the 4th of July.  

What's the point? I believe God created us to enjoy the changes in and around our lives. He could have made it so there were NO seasons at all, but for our enjoyment He gives us variety; variety at every turn it seems. There is just not 1 kind of tree to see when we look out the window. What would it look like if that we the case? Boring.

The key is enjoying the seasons of our lives without complaining where we are, loving the one we are in and loving the one that is coming. Spring always follows winter so get ready to love spring on a snow day. Get ready to love winter in the summer because it's coming.

The seasons I am really talking about are  the life seasons. Love the little years because they go away fast. Love the middle years with a million things happening because the kids will be off and gone and...crickets. Love the financial slow times because the craziness is coming right around the corner. Love the boom but not so much that you think it is staying around forever because financial winter follows financial harvest.

I desire to enjoy each season more as I am in it, not just looking forward to getting out of the current season I am in. I love change but maybe that's a form of discontentment. 

If this resonates with you I hope you can find some enjoyment in the season you're in right now but get ready, there's a new season coming soon.

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