Monday, August 19, 2013

Faith is all about Track Record

Who has faith? 


Children have faith to take their first steps between their clapping parents or to jump off the counter top to out stretched arms.

Teenagers have faith that there will be funds connected to the check they receive after working hard at their job.

Adults have faith to drive cars down 2 lane roads toward those teenagers.

Everyone has faith but is it well founded faith?

All these examples can end in tragedy but more often than not they don't. People sometimes tell me, "You have so much faith. Are you always like this?". Well, the answer is "no" and "yes". 

When we look at ourselves as the answer to a financial problem it is easy to get discouraged with what the outcome might be. Start looking at the economic indicators and it is easy to get down and before you know it you are out on the street, in your mind. That's the problem with us, we often look the wrong direction.

The "yes" part of the answer is when I look at what God has done in so many areas and times in just my own life and just in the past few years I can't help but be enthusiastic about the future opportunities that HE will make happen. He has been, still is and always will be faithful. He has never missed. He has never fallen asleep at the wheel. His account always has money in it. He always catches his children.

The issue is HE and not ME. He is worthy to place my faith and trust in and I am not. He always delivers perfectly. 

When it comes to faith it all falls on track record.

If your team has NEVER lost a game in 5 years then you are pretty confident in the outcome of the game. If your team is the 2013 Seahawks and they are playing the local high schools, you are even more confident. Those are weak odds in comparison to the ones God has stacked up.

He has never lost. He has always delivered on every promise He has made. If a pro team compared to HS team is lop-sided we will really have a problem comprehending God delivering a victory with His advantages.

Again, we must think track record. If your team hasn't lost in 4000 years then no one is even watching the game any more because it's not interesting. We forget to watch God work not so much because we know He is going to deliver but because we think that we need to help him win and yet what He wants is our praise to point to Him when He does delivers.

How do I have "So much" faith? The object of my faith has an amazing body of work that screams to be seen and remembered and all I need to do is take my eyes off myself and look for the ways He is showing His faithfulness right now. 

He will deliver. I can't wait to tell you how it all comes around. Just keep praying and asking. We have not because we ask not and we ask and doubt. Don't let that be you.

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