Saturday, August 3, 2013

Faithless or Go and Show

"There's no way that will work". Or "Let me see you do it first and then we'll see". Or "We must plan for every possible disaster."

What do you suppose Noah was thinking when God directed him to build an ark or when He told him rain was coming (which he had never seen before) and going to cover the entire surface of the earth?

What do you supposed Moses was thinking when God told him to go to Pharaoh? Then when God told them they were going to head out into the wilderness- really? 

While I hate to admit this it does seem to be rather true; Those who are saved by faith alone often times seem to have the least faith to live day to day.

While it is true that we are saved by the work of the Spirit and that is the only way one can be saved, was His intention to save sinners and then leave them with no faith for the rest of their life here on earth? I think not.

Why is it that often Christians seem to be the most cynical/"show-me" people? 

Didn't God do an amazing miracle to save you? Does His power stop there? Can't He do the same with an undertaking you are working on? Can't He grow a church to over flowing? Can't He heal the sick using whatever means He desires? Can He take something that looks like it shouldn't work and turn it into the "next" thing? Of course. So why are we so quick to poo-poo everything?

We are to be in the world but not of the world. That seems to me like we should be the leaders in the "watch what my God can do with nothing" crowd. That is going to require that we step out in faith and see what God does with the crumbs we bring to the picnic. 

We are quick to raise our eyebrows at the disciples for not getting it the second or third time but we have all those examples in writing and we still miss it the 50th time. But we coat it we Biblical Stewardship and never get off our butts to take dominion over the things that God puts right in front of us. 

If we had to see it work before we did it then nothing would ever get started. People, we need to stretch our minds and faith and ask God to work and then give Him the credit for when He does the "impossible".

We need to be excited about having no idea what God is going to do in our lives and those around us, but be equally excited to watch God work for our good and His glory. 

I understand first hand how difficult it is to be in the middle of not knowing what God is going to do and still walk in faith. I know how hard it is to want to do the work and leave it up to God to deliver the harvest but He is not asking us to spend ourselves for something worthless just as an exercise in futility, He is testing and refining us. He didn't tell Noah to build the ark and then not send rain. He didn't send Moses and not do as He promised. We are no different. 

Let's plan well, work hard and go and show the world what it looks like when God blesses his people in the things that their hands find to do. Watch Him work- you'll be amazed what He does with the little faith we have but He won't act if we don't do something.

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