Sunday, August 25, 2013

Don't hate me because I think You're gonna be Awesome

God sees more in us, unnaturally, than is there naturally, and He still loves us and wants the best and most for us. He created us to be dominion takers over all the earth, not just our 10x10 room.

"but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us", even when we were His enemies Christ died for us.

Why is it that when we see the potential in others that they often run away? Fear of disappointing or failure? 

My dad said very often, "The saddest thing that can be said about someone is that they had potential". That does NOT mean that it is sad to have potential but rather it is sad to have it and not use it.

We must constantly be working on our own hearts and lives to work towards the person that God intends us to be (sanctification) and God uses all kinds of things and people to get us there. People who push us forward, people who try to hold us back, slanderers, mockers, encouragers, parents, siblings, children, success, failure, sickness, robust health and the list goes on. All these are in our lives to change us into the person God would have us to be.

In years past I have been the mocker or the one who wants to motivate by being negative. I really hadn't thought about it like that but as I grow I see that this is the case and I don't want to be like that any more.

Unfortunately it seems like that is the easier camp to be in- the negativity camp. Misery loves company and birds of a feather... and so when someone tries to be positive there is often many who are mocking the positivity or just outright upset that someone is trying to help in a way that is different than their negative way. I NEVER want to be in that camp again but it is difficult to stay positive when so many are pulling you down.

Don't be upset with me when I see more in you than you do right now. Don't slander or shun me because I am trying to help you see and attain your potential. 

And yet even in that I know that God has a plan to use negativity from others to mold and shape me, I just hate that often it is my brothers and sisters who are so negative about life. 

We have amazing potential in us. God created us to do great and wonderful things and we should be encouraging each other to look for and run after those things and to live up to the potential that He has placed in each one of us. 

God picked me, I didn't pick Him. He gave me the gifts and talents and He is preparing things for me to do and I'm not going to sit back and wait to get your approval to encourage others to dream bigger than the life they are currently living. 

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