Friday, September 6, 2013


It seems strange how closely connected we are to each other, so intertwined, and at the same time we are independent of one another.

I have been thinking about how the people we work with can be on the same team, working for the same goals and outcome, and all the while if one person lags behind that person can be replaced or moved and life still goes on and the project goes on without them.

A salesperson is no better than the product or service they represent but if the salesperson fails to sell then the product of service department fails right along with them. So connected and yet they really are not doing the same job at all.

Life is like this. One family member is to provide a certain service for the family, even though it may be completely unrelated to the whole, and if that part is not done then the entire family suffers.

How are we so disconnectedly-connected? God designed it that way- perfectly. My eye has a completely different function that my hand. Some people have amazing hand-eye coordination and others, well not so much. A person with amazing hand-eye can make millions with those skills if perfected and conversely someone without much hand-eye could make billions and never be able to hit a ball with a stick.

God gives us all certain abilities and gifts and He really does expect for us to use them and to work at improving those to the best of our abilities and to go out and do something with them. He doesn't expect me to spend hours upon hours improving my vertical leap so I can dunk because that's not what He gave me to work with.

We're all part of a grander plan of helping make others better while being our own part of that grand plan at working at becoming better ourselves. God didn't make us all equal at really much of anything. He does give some lots of amazing talent in a very public way while giving others talent at something not so public. I think we are often stuck thinking that the publicly talented people are more special because they might get paid more for what they are doing, but it might be that they have worked harder at what they are doing than others- maybe.

Maybe it's just that God wanted the not-so-public people to be great at something that is unseen by the masses. Maybe being a great mom is more important than making millions. Maybe being a true friend is what God placed you here for rather than to be the star of the show. Maybe it's both, simultaneously. 

Whatever the purpose that God has for you it is, well, for you. It's not for me and my purpose is not for you. We are all unique and God made it that way. 

Maybe your gift to the world is your smile even when life is super hard. 
Maybe it's your ever present mild mannered personality even in the craziest times.
Maybe you inspire people to be more than they thought possible.
Maybe you write songs or books or programs to make those things easier and faster.
Maybe you have been given the gift of a green thumb and carts of earths bounty.
Maybe you just make people happy when they talk with you.
Maybe you make people answer soul searching questions that change their direction.

Whatever it is that God gave you to do, you should do it well and not be thinking, "I wish I were an eye or a hand or a..." Maybe, just maybe, you're exactly the part you should be and you just haven't attained the greatness that God intended for that part yet. Get to work:) 

It doesn't matter if your the public or private person. What matters most is if you are being all that God intended for that part He uniquely gifted you to be. 

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