Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is Your Team on the Bubble?

There is reason to believe that we often say one thing and actually do another, or in the case of this post, believe another.

How many times have you heard , "You just gotta have faith"? Faith is kind of illusive at times because it seems like we can have it now and in 5 minutes it's gone, or at least weak. But what does that say about what we really believe and whom we believe?

If you were sitting in a chair and every 15 minutes you got up and checked all the joinery and sat back down tentatively people would think you were crazy, especially if they saw this take place 10 times in a conversation. We have faith that the chair will hold us up until it has proven to be untrustworthy. 

We have faith that other drivers will stay in their own lanes. We have faith that airplanes stay in the air. We have faith that banks will keep our money safe, that police will keep their guns aimed at the bad guys and not the good guys and all kinds of other things. We have faith-period.

Since this is true then how is it that we believe that God is for us one minute and then change our minds the next? It's not because He has been untrustworthy. What does this say about our faith? 

We say that we believe that one of God's attributes is that He is omnipotent- meaning He is all powerful- but then we limit our asking because we wrongly think that He is "too busy to care" or "this is really not worth asking" or, or, or. All these things say much about our faith or they something about God's character. Either He is untrustworthy or our faith is too small. 

Since He has never failed that would always mean that He is trustworthy so as much as we don't want to own our small-faith issues they are ours and not His.

Limiting God is impossible. His power limitless. 

Let's ask Him for the things we need and expect that He will deliver because He wants to bless His children. We have not because we ask not, not because He can't deliver what we ask for. Let's ask and ask BIG and watch to see what happens.

It feels pretty good to have the God of the universe on our side. Let's live as if we are on the winning team not the team on the bubble. 

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