Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Dirty is YOUR Bucket?

If you had the choice between hydrating yourself, and others, with dirty sludge water or pristine crystal-clear water, which would you pick? The answer is obvious to me and I believe the rest of the world would say "Pristine crystal-clear water".

As you look at the photo attached and you think about drinking yourself or giving others a drink it goes almost without saying that we would all select the one on the left. But I'd like to think about this in another way. Input.

How do you suppose the bucket on the right got this way? Was there a hose from a sump that brought this water in from the bottom of a ditch or catch basin? Was there a bunch of dirt left over in the bucket and water added later? Was it a blob of mud that started there and water was added? Regardless of the source there is now dirty water in the bucket and if we put a syphon hose in it then dirty water will come out. It's the way things work and there's no changing it. Salt water doesn't come from a fresh water stream any more than clean water coming from a dirty water source like this bucket.

These buckets are representative of our lives. We put lots of things into our lives that are not healthy or clean. We watch what the news media thinks we need to know without having any idea if ANY of it is true. We watch TV that pushed our thinking from where it should be to where the networks executives decide it should be. And if that is not enough, we are surprised that when we think and speak something less-than-fresh comes out of the vessel of our lives. Out of our hearts our mouths speak.

If we choose to have good things come out of our lives we must put good things in. Is it time to make a change in your life? 

If it is time for you to start putting good things in that's awesome. Here's something that you must keep in mind. There is still "dirty water" in the vessel that will take time to get out. Just like the photo above imagine if we start to put clean water in until the bucket over flows, the overflowing water in the bucket on the right will still be dirty for a while. Don't give up before the really clean water starts to overflow. Keep putting that clean water in and as time goes by you will see the overflow change.

Clean in=clean out. Dirty in=dirty out.

We should be the people that have the purest overflow on the planet.

Have an awesome day. 

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