Sunday, August 18, 2013

The winds of change are blowing

Proverbs says a lot about sons who are pleasing to their parents. Wise sons make happy parents. Trustworthy sons make glad hearted moms and dads. Sons who go out and get it make happy and sad hearted parents. What?

Well, we found out just a couple of days ago that Garrett is going to China for 9-10 months to teach English at a private high school in Beijing and he leaves the 29th of this month. Wow, that came fast.

It truly did come quickly as a few weeks ago this was only on his bucket list and now it is to become a reality very shortly.

So how does a dad feel about these kinds of things? Lots of emotions for me at this time. I know that this is what we have been working towards from the start with our boys; be culture changers and go after it. That doesn't necessarily make it all high fives and chest bumps though. 

We are so proud of Garrett and his hard work that has allowed his college Mandarin teacher to take notice of his abilities and be confident enough to give him a referral to the supervisor in China over the incoming teachers. We are proud of his willingness to stretch and do something that is far outside of anything that he has ever done and jump at the chance. We are pleased with how quickly he makes friends and how none seem to leave his friendship once it is established. He is just a great young man that loves others and others love and follow him.

On the other side of that coin; it's gonna be quiet around our house in a few days. Garrett brings life to our house like none of the rest of the kids have. He has friends over all the time and they are from every walk of life and ethnicity. Often times it looks like "China town" here with all the asians that he is connected with and they are all here hanging out with him, laughing, playing games and sharpening each others language skills. This morning might be the last time I will get to play in the worship band with Garrett. 

Knowing what I know about Asia and China itself, Garrett will make friends easily there but he will also be lonely and the fellowship that we often take for granted will be absent from his life for a very long time. 

Once when I was in Ethiopia I asked a Dr. what she missed about America the most and her answer surprised me; she said she missed corporate worship. She went on to say that she really appreciated the audios she could download and music being so available but there is just something very special about being with brothers and sisters in person. Garrett is going to miss that and we are going to miss having him there with us.

All in all it's a very good time in the life of our family, with Grant getting a new job selling cars, John going back to school and Garrett off to China. The winds of change are blowing and though I often say that I really like change this one is a little harder to handle coming so quickly.

Garrett- you are much loved. I am so proud of you. You are a great son and a great friend to so many. Thanks for being so kind. I love you very much.

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SKH said...

Indeed, his opportunity is a blessing and a sadness. Will look forward to hearing his stories.