Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Reminders

It is always interesting to me how God brings different things into our lives at just the right time for our encouragement and discipline. Take, for instance, this very morning's "Morning and Evening". After posting the post last night, God brings the reminder this morning of being content in all things and the difficulties of staying close to Him when we are blessed by Him. Maybe this was His way of telling me that I have not done a great job at being content in Him when I have been blessed by Him.

I do want to share a small, but personal, story about how very personal God is. Yesterday Kimmy asked Teresa if she could look for a certain type of razor at the store, knowing that they were expensive but that these were the ones that she thought worked the best. Granted, this is a small purchase but everything adds up. Knowing what the price might be Teresa went to the store and just prayed that God would allow them to be on sale. When she got to the store she picked up a coupon book just to see what was in it. She looked through most of the book and then came to a $4 off coupon for the exact razors Kimmy had asked her to purchase. You can't tell me that God is not personal and that He doesn't like to show off in even the smallest ways, making them seem big. It could have been another razor, but NOO it was the exact ones she had asked for.

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