Friday, February 12, 2010

Personal- Perfect- Provider

Yet again I am reminded and encouraged by the way God puts things into our lives at just the right time- like this morning's "morning and evening".

"Just as the sufferings of Christ are more than enough for us, likewise our encouragement is more than enough through Him."
--2 Corinthians 1:5

In this statement we find a blessed proportion. The Ruler of Providence holds a pair of scales. On one side He puts His people's trials, and on the other he puts their consolations. When the scale of trial is nearly empty, you will always find the scale of consolation in the same condition; and when the scale of trials is full, the scale of consolation will be just as heavy. When the night falls and the storm approaches, the Heavenly Captain is always closest to His crew. It is a blessed thing that when we are most cast down it is then that we are most lifted up by the consolations of the Spirit.

Why are we often most happy in our troubles? One reason is that trials make more room for consolation. Great hearts can only be made by great troubles. The spade of trouble digs the reservoir of comfort, and makes more room for it. Another reason is because troubles require us to deal closely with God. When our purse is full we think we can live without God; but, if our reserves are taken away we go back to God; we clear the idols out of our house, and we honor Him again.

There is no cry so good as that which comes from the bottom of the mountains; no prayer half so hearty as that which comes up from the depths of the soul in deep trials and afflictions. They bring us to God, and we are happier because nearness to God is happiness. Come, troubled believer; don't worry about your troubles, for they are the heralds of weighty mercies. [M&E]

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