Thursday, January 13, 2011


So many times there are "forks" in our road and it is difficult to know which ones we are to take. We can look through the Bible for a verse, we can ask friends and family but often it is a decision that we must make with no really clear understanding of what is best. If the decision was about selecting between bad and good it would be easy, but more often than not it is between good and best or better and best.

We thought that last year and even 2008 was a crazy year of changes, and they were, but I think that maybe 2011 may prove to be even more of a roller coaster ride for the Weinbergs.

Interesting enough, yesterday I had some one encourage me, and it was encouraging, with "I appreciate how you live by faith and that you seem to not be leaning on your own understanding". While I appreciate the point of view and encouragement, I responded with "When all you have is faith that God will do what is best it makes it easier to live that way. And when you have as little understanding as I have about what is happening then you must lean on His understanding".

I must confess that there has not really been a time that I knew as little as to what tomorrow might bring while being excited to see what God will do. He is faithful today as much as He has been yesterday and last year. What will He do? What doors will He open and close? It will be fun to watch.

Please pray that we have clarity to do what He would have us to do.

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