Sunday, January 16, 2011

Glorius Giver

I think if you asked anyone they would say that they keep their word; if they make you a promise they keep it. You would say that, right? When we tell someone something we fully expect to do what we have said and they expect us to do that as well. If we make a promise and people immediately don't expect it to come true then it seems our reputation of being un-trustworthy has preceded us. I have known people who I could not believe really anything they have said- that's sad.

What's the point? If I tell you that I am going to do something what real power do I have to keep that promise? What if I tell you I'll give you a ride to the airport tomorrow but find myself in the hospital? That's no help to you. I didn't do it on purpose but I have no real control over what I make promises about.

So, who can you really trust? We can only fully trust the One Who has not only the will to carry out His promises but the power to control all things connected to those promises. Since God says that He will provide for our needs, what if our needs are immense? Does it matter to God if you need $1m or $5? Is there a difference in His checkbook between these 2 amounts? Since it's all His money anyway, what difference will it make? The only thing He needs to decide is what we really need.

But how do we get what we really need? By asking Him. He says that often we don't have because we don't ask. Now that is pretty dumb on our part, right? If your dad has so much money that you don't even have a good idea how rich he is, and if he is so kind and generous to all who ask him, why would you not go and ask if you needed $100? Are you expecting him to get mad, when he never has before? "Oh, this might be the first time he has gotten mad at me". It seems ridiculous to even talk like that, but don't we practice that way?

In my own heart I believe it is pride that I can do it without asking Him. Shame on me. He delights in keeping His promises and He loves to be asked and to fulfill them. Let us make it our aim to ask quickly and often for Him to keep His Word in helping His children. What a Glorious Giver we serve.

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