Sunday, August 9, 2009

Helping or Hurting?

God takes care of widows and orphans; of the helpless and fatherless. He tells us He is the Father to the fatherless and turns them from being orphans to heirs. But what of those who oppress and afflict them? What is to become of them?

Often little kids ask the parents, "Well, what about so and so, what are you going to do to them?" Even from an early age we want justice served; as long as it is to someone else.

There are 2 possible places of judgment for the wicked who oppress the helpless. The first came in the form of God's written Word, the Bible. When read with a tender, humble, obedient heart this is the kindest judgment that could be given. Repent and God will forgive.

But there are many who will never heed this written Warning and have to wait for the second one. They have gone their entire lives thinking that God is not paying attention to them, Ps. 10 and that they are getting away with what ever atrocities they are committing. But in the end God will make it right. It may be too late for them to live out a happy existence here on earth, but if they are beilevers God will right all wrongs.

When God right the wrongs, it will be a very sad day for those who were wronging the helpless. God will not only judge them, but He will punish them for all eternity and for as much as He loves the helpless, there will be hell to pay, literally for all of eternity, for messing with God's little children.

We can stem the tide by doing all we can do, to get them the help they need. I don't know what that looks like for you, but you should look into it and jump on board. If we are not helping, then we are probably hurting their cause.

Don't have God coming after you for not stepping in to aid the helpless.

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