Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Few Prayer request to add to your List

It's January and that means a few things in my world.

We made it through last year- and that is truly amazing and shows off God's provision and sustaining power in this crazy world. He alone is to be praised for this work.

Each year this month especially is hard, as people are getting over their Christmas spending and it seems a bit slow to turn sales back on. A week into this year we have had good traffic, but traffic doesn't always equate to sales.

It seems many of our signed jobs are not ready to go in, maybe it takes people a bit to get going on their projects after Christmas as well. This means that our guys are not installing and they are not getting the hours they could be getting. This is hard for me, as I want to provide them all with the hours they want to get, but that is really out of my control.

I would love PG to be a place where God is honored in the business- entirely- and for it to be a place God uses to literally feed- through employment- His people. He can do this, and He has done this in the past- He just doesn't make any promises that He will continue it in the future.

Please pray for PG- I know many are- that we would not only have exactly what we need- a promise He already gives- but that we would be content to live where He has us. For each person under our roof that looks very different. He has carried us through each year and there is no reason for me to doubt He will do it again- except I am human.

It is interesting, and irritating, that we can look back on all that God has brought us through and see how amazingly strong His hand has been, yet then convince ourselves that maybe this was the last time He would do this. Why do I think like that? I must dwell on His promises to never leave or forsake me, that He provides for every bird on the planet and I am more valuable than they are to Him, the He gave His only Son for me and if He would do that He is not going to leave me to fend for myself on smaller things.

I have seen God work amazing things when you are praying that He would work and I ask you to do that for us again. I will try to keep you posted on what He does. When He answers pray I believe that He is dishonored when we don't thank Him for His work in our lives. His praise is to be continually on our lips and it is hard for you to know how He has answered prayer if I don't tell you.

Not only for PG but we need prayer for "Vince". The time is getting very close and this is going to come down to the wire. All the paperwork is in China, which is an amazing answer to prayer. The stage we just went through is 4-5 days normally is slated for 4-5 months, so He is working. The paperwork needs to get through China and then we need to get the call to come and get him and then the trip needs to go smoothly for all the balance of the paperwork to be completed. There are many places for it to fall down, but God has propped it up the entire time, so we re praying that He would finish this. He can do it.

Also, please pray for the snow retreat. God has been gracious the past few years to bring some to Himself in this time and we are praying, and would like you to join us, that He would do the same. Also, that He would increase the affection of each staff and student attending. We need to have high affections for Him and He alone is the Giver of affections. There will be many opportunities for grace to spill out on others as the pots are banged around in the cabins. May our hearts be ready to be revealed and may He be glorified in the outcome. Pray for SKH as he prepares for the session times.

I also need to add in something that I can't expound on, but that needs prayer. Pray that God would work in a young man's heart and that he would not go through with what he is planning on doing today. That's all I can say- but God knows.

I look at all these concerns and care and have to remind myself that on God's scale all these things- though they are crushingly heavy to me- are but dust. It is not that they are unimportant to Him but just so easy for Him to do. If He can keep the sun where it is, and gravity working and the tides perfectly set, then granting any of these requests is not hard for Him. We have His ear, through the Son, and He knows exactly what we need, so we should go ask. He only gives us better things.

Thanks for your friendship and prayers. God is Good.

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