Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sad Story

I got a phone call yesterday that led me then to make some calls myself. I can't go into specifics, but a past 128 student is walking away from Christ- the life they are living would suggest they are not saved- and they don't really have any connection with anyone.

If I were going down a path that seemed to others to be leading me to destruction, I would want someone to come and say something to me. I think in this case they are not interested in what others- any others- have to say. Whether they want to hear it or not we are called to say something.

That is the reason for this post. The church is not doing a good enough job assimilating our young people into the body when they are out of high school. I don't think this is necessarily a 128 issue per se, and I think this ministry does a better job at this than the national average, but what about the national average? Why do young people walk away? Why did I walk away?

Each case is different and in my case I wasn't saved, but if we have such good news and we are so excited about being Christians why are we not able to transfer that to more of the students under our care? Obviously it is God Who moves hearts, but are we doing all we can do?

Maybe we are not loving them enough to get connected with them? Maybe our love for Christ look hypocritical to them? Maybe their family is teaching a different Gospel than we are? Maybe they haven't been called yet- this is true. But we must examine our own lives, hearts, methods, approaches and make sure we are doing and being all that God has called us to be so that this doesn't happen.

My heart was just broken when there was literally not one person I could ask to talk to this person and maybe get them turned around. How can we have people in our ministries- adult or student- that don't connect with one single person?

I'd love to hear your feedback.


Leila said...

I think it's less about assimilation and more about their heart coming to light. Within One28 they can mask much, but when they are outside of parental impact or compulsion, the real stuff comes to the surface. Many times those students are leaving the comfortable City to start on their journey - they hit trials and 'real life' they have never experienced before, and fall away. BUT, as many have experienced, God still saves!

RuthAnn said...

Thank you for sharing this! We all need to be bold to share the gospel and live the gospel! Though painful, how much better for hearts to be exposed so that as brothers and sisters we can fervently pray and share even when it's not wanted. How wonderful that God does still save!

~Kim (and family) said...

Hi Chuck.

This past year I have felt like I have been given the freedom and ability (through the preaching of God's Word at our church) to admit to my teenage daughter that, yes, I AM a hypocrite! And that is exactly why I need Him so much and so does she. I think we can easily get into the moral mentality thinking that if our child or young people in our lives see us going to church, reading our bibles, serving, etc...that somehow that is what will get them motivated to love Christ. Those things are all good, and proof of our love for God, but I have found that what my daughter and the young people in our church need the most is seeing the body running to the Gospel when they fail, being transparent with their sin, and talking to them on an even playing field. Not a top down kind of talk...but from one sinner to another...sharing how what they preach and teach they indeed do NOT live up to. And that is precisely why we need Christ so much. Sharing that hope...that no matter how badly or how often they sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Also, I am often guilty in putting my comfort before my daughter. It is 11 PM, I am tired from caring for her younger siblings, yet she is wanting to talk. How badly I want my sleep, but there she is. And do I make an effort to call her out of her bedroom and chat about the day, or sit and watch the news after putting the baby to bed. It's a battle that I fail at often but God is sovereign and can use me as her mom despite myself. That is where my peace goes to when I start worrying about her heart. As has been said, only He can draw her to himself.