Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mighty to Save- and Sanctify

Last night in our small group Grant- my co-leader- was leading, since I will be gone for snow retreat he will be leading our cabin time, so I thought he should have more time to talk. He asked the guys how they were doing with the things they normally struggle with and one of our newer guys was asked how he is doing with video games.

Understand that this young man is a new believer and used to play close to 40 hours a week. He said something to the effect of- "I don't really play any more". Grant asked how that happened and he said that when he got saved God started to take away the desire to play and now he just doesn't rally play anymore. That is amazing!!!

We are working with him to try to help him now take that time he gets back and read good books- he is already reading his Bible. He really is a changed young man. Please pray for our students- God is working.

This morning's "Morning and Evening" is connected to this point and so I will just post it below. We mustn't take our salvation and sanctification lightly- God is mighty to save and He can do miracles like this in us and in the people around us- don't lose heart.

Isaiah 63:1b ..."It is I, speaking in righteousness,
mighty to save."

"By the words “to save” we understand the whole of the great work of salvation, from the first holy desire onward to complete sanctification. The words are multum in parro: indeed, here is all mercy in one word. Christ is not only “mighty to save” those who repent, but he is able to make men repent. He will carry those to heaven who believe; but he is, moreover, mighty to give men new hearts and to work faith in them. He is mighty to make the man who hates holiness love it, and to constrain the despiser of his name to bend the knee before him. Nay, this is not all the meaning, for the divine power is equally seen in the after-work. The life of a believer is a series of miracles wrought by “the Mighty God.” The bush burns, but is not consumed. He is mighty to keep his people holy after he has made them so, and to preserve them in his fear and love until he consummates their spiritual existence in heaven. Christ’s might doth not lie in making a believer and then leaving him to shift for himself; but he who begins the good work carries it on; he who imparts the first germ of life in the dead soul, prolongs the divine existence, and strengthens it until it bursts asunder every bond of sin, and the soul leaps from earth, perfected in glory. Believer, here is encouragement. Art thou praying for some beloved one? Oh, give not up thy prayers, for Christ is “mighty to save.” You are powerless to reclaim the rebel, but your Lord is Almighty. Lay hold on that mighty arm, and rouse it to put forth its strength. Does your own case trouble you? Fear not, for his strength is sufficient for you. Whether to begin with others, or to carry on the work in you, Jesus is “mighty to save;” the best proof of which lies in the fact that he has saved you. What a thousand mercies that you have not found him mighty to destroy!" Spurgeon

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Ryan Hall said...

Amen, Chuck.

Jesus is might to save and sanctify. Last night I was able to car pool with my brother-n-law. He went over to the Frisks for mens group and I was with AB and our small group. The conversation to and back was awesome. I was able to share a lot of how God has worked in my heart and mind since He gave me new life. In the beginning I would struggle to fight with thoughts and actions, but now I can look back and actually see gospel growth in my life. I don't struggle with things I did before. My actions are also becoming more pleasing to God. My life is proof that God is might to save and sanctiy, and this testimony would be evident in any Christian. God doesn't save us to leave us as we are and just bring us into His kingdom. Nope, He starts the work, sustains it and completes it. He is making us fit for the kingdom. Hebrews tells us, "And without Holiness no one can see the Lord" (Heb. 12:14). Well I know enough to know I can't muster one grain of holiness in my life. So if God is not producing that in my life....that is a serious problem. How thankful and I for His work! It is might and powerful in the hearts of man. We need the gospel everyday. Thats where His power and glory are. That is where His might work starts.