Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Prayer of a 4 Year old

This is a story I got from one of the guys I work with and I thought you would want to hear it. This is the prayer that we want all our kids/students to be praying. God loves the broken and contrite. It came from his mom.

"I just wanted to share what Micah prayed tonight after our family Bible time. He prayed first for me and for the twins I am carrying and that the babies would be safe and then he said "and one more thing, God...would you please help me to understand your Word better and to worship you and that one day I would become a Christian?" He continues to ask lots and lots of questions these last few days and it's on his mind a lot, even when we are not even talking about anything remotely spiritual. He just seems unsettled and full of questions. I know God will open his eyes in His time. Please pray for the little guy. =)"

Isn't our God amazing how He works in little hearts to draw them to Himself and then carries them throughout their entire life and brings them safely home? Keep instructing and teaching in the way they should go- they are watching and listening.

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