Friday, July 24, 2009

Ask that your joy might be full

Sitting in an airport and waiting for my flight and so much is on my heart.

"Almost 500 years ago, John Calvin commented on Zechariah 13:9, and what he said then is more true today:

It is therefore necessary that we should be subject, from first to last, to the scourges of God, in order that we may from the heart call on him; for our hearts are enfeebled by prosperity, so that we cannot make the effort to pray. (Commentary on Zechariah 13:9 [Baker, 2003], 403, emphasis added)" J.Piper.

We do have so much prosperity that it makes it distracting to be in prayer, because we really don't need much. We end up loving the gifts more than the Giver.

Where will we finish our lives? What does the road ahead look like? So much uncertainty and yet so freeing knowing that God is completely in control and I just have to rest in His care He gives what is best and all I have to do is wait on Him and follow where He leads.

I need so much to be falling on my face and knees to ask for His will and direction. I need to give all I am and have and leave it at the cross. I want Him to purify me that I might be a clean vessel for His glory. The great thing is that is exactly what He wants for ma as wel.l

I want to finish stronger than I have started and bring Him glory for He is worthy and He delights in our glorifying Him.

We need to be prayer warriors for His glory and when we are asking according to His will and in Jesus' name He delights to bring us joy in giving what we ask So ask.

Here is the link to the entire sermon. I am confident you need to hear this as much as I do and also that you will be encouraged and admonished by God's Word through J. Piper.

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