Friday, July 31, 2009


I need to tell you a true and very encouraging story about my sister. God is so personal.

Thier kids are all out of the house and her husband works and she has been working 5 days a week for an online quilting company. If you order from here, write her a note that you know me. She is an awesome sister. She really thounght that God wanted her to be more available at home, so she prayed about reducing her schedule to 4 days. With 4 days comes less hours and she didn't know if she could really afford the reduction in pay, but God always provides and so she went in to talk to her boss.

SHe stareted by telling him that she wanted to talk about her hours and he was really excited to hear that. But for a completely different reason than she was working toward. He wanted to make her the manager. She replied, "You don't understand, I want to only work 4 days a week, not 5". Knowing this might mean something very different, she trusted that God knows what He is doing and just stuck to her plan.

God honors our submission and obedience in some of the craziest ways. He told her that that was fine, 4 days, and that they wanted to give her a $2 ph raise. SHe would work 4 10's and have the extra day off and have a raise as well.

How do you really figure out God? His ways are unsearchable and I am begining to think that He really just likes to surprise us with these kinds of things. I am a pretty big thinker, imaginer, and He certainly does more than I can ask or imagine.

Just thought you might need a real live look at how He is working in our lives for our good when we acknowledge our depenence on Him and let Him lead and provide.

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Randy said...

Great story! Thank you for sharing. God does bless us when we submit, obey, and trust - when we lean on Him we bring Him glory! Amen! SJ