Monday, July 27, 2009

Famine in the Land

Why is it that God chooses a nation to suffer and others to prosper? Why does He allow some to eat just a couple times a week and others to have so much food that much is thrown away? Why do some have medical services available to them all the time, right around the corner and others don't have even the most meager supplies?

I am not God and I am not going to try to understand His ways. His thoughts are above my thoughts and His ways are beyond my understanding. BUT, He does have a plan in all that He allows and that plan is to bring Himself glory in every situation. It is hard to imagine glory in suffering, but in the end He gets glory in it.

What might that glory look like? How might He get glory in an entire nation, or continent, suffering under the tyranny of drought and famine? Maybe that glory comes from the changing of other nations hearts for those people. Maybe it is from Him changing my own heart to see the desperate needs of others and seeing my own abundance and understanding the responsibility that I have to those in need. I think that is a small start.

Even beyond abject physical poverty there is the spiritual poverty and darkness that cloaks much of the world; this is even more of a "famine" than the drought and famine that we see in the news. We can't see this type of poverty with our eyes but we can "see" it through His eyes as we look into the eyes of those who don't have physical hope but they have no hope in the future either. There is no hope for their next meal and there is no hope in dying either.

What despair must fill the hearts and minds of those nations who god is not the Lord. If famine comes to me I have the hope that when I am finished with the race I have a more glorious life remaining than the best life here on earth. So many have no hope for today or tomorrow. How will they hear without a preacher? How will they know God like if there are none near them who are living in Chistlikeness? How will they see if the only thing they know is darkness; if the light is never shining in their lives?

Who will go? Who will send others? Who will be spent, poured out, as an offering to a lost and dying world? What if that lost and dying world is right next door to you? What if the lost and dying world is in the cubicle next to you? Am I the light that others may see His good works and glorify my Father who is in Heaven? Can they see a difference? Do they hear the Truth in love? Is my life an example of what Christ can do?

Past our own back yard and work place; what about the rest of the world? Hollywood is trying to change the world in strange ways. Song writers are trying to influence the world. Book sellers, newspaper editors, TV executives are all trying to change the world, but not for the better. Shouldn't we, who have been entrusted with the Truth, be ever mindful of where this world is going and understand that it is going to hell on a fast track? Are we trying to get people off that track?

God is the changer of hearts and He is sovereign over all things, but we must be willing tools, vessels, drink offerings to be used by the Master in whatever way He sees fit. Are you a sharp tool, clean vessel or pure offering that He desires to use? Do we bring Him glory in what we say and do?

Oh that His will would be done in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Oh that we would find joy and delight in being poured out for Him. Could we be the instrument that He uses to change a life, neighborhood, school, church, city or nation? Could we be the encourager that lifts others up to where God would have them to serve? Only if we are following His Word and praying that He would use us to glorify Himself. Only if we are seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness, then and only then will He add these things to us. Only as we are blameless in our walk, trusting solely on Him for His leading, direction and provision will He strongly support us.

We bring our need and our dependence before You Father and we ask that You would bring glory to Yourself in somehow using us to further Your Kingdom. We know that this is consistent with Your will, as You desire that all come to repentance and You desire that we would all understand our total dependence on You. Give us open hands and hearts and then use us as You will. We come in Christ's righteousness, and He is our Advocate- our only way to You, as we can't ask on of our own and we ask that You would honor our request because it brings You joy and glory. You are the Good Father who delights to do good to Your children; please do as You will.

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Randy said...

Thank you for continuing to encourage and challenge me. You are doing a fine job in articulating my thoughts and feelings. Bless you! SJ