Friday, July 31, 2009

Sour Patch Christians

Yesterday, on the way to the summer retreat drop off, I was talking with a couple of my guys in the truck. We listened to 3 Piper sermon's and then discussed them after each one was completed. Good times; life on life, good preaching and God pounding our hearts.

One of the guys asked "Why doesn't everyone in the world want to follow Christ?" Men love darkenss rather than light, but I think often they don't see light in us. Why would they want to follow some people who always seem to be miserable? Why follow those who are trying to lose their lives, when they can't imagine what would be so good? That is the problem; we don't live like Christ is that good.

If Christ is our Treasure why are we not so excited that we tell everyone we meet? Why do we end up being all bummed out when we don't get our every want? If He knows what is best, shouldn't we be rejoicing in every single thing that God allows because we know it is for our good? Hard to do, but when it does happen people begin to see that there really is something different, in a good way, about you.

How can we have joy in trials except that we are sure in the outcome; our good and His glory! The world will not be attracted to a bunch of sour people who get together on Sunday and are sour together. We must glow as the bride who waits for her bridegroom. He is coming. I am so excited.

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Ryan Hall said...

Hello, Chuck

I have to think that the big reason why so many don't want to follow after Christ is because of the world we live in. It takes your whole being.

Think about who the ruler of this fallen world is? It is Satan. And while God has control over everything that happens in this life, Satan is doing a good job at making following this world and its values, its ways, and its lies more beautiful then the eternal worth that Christ offers sinners like you and I.

What if Christians started looking at everything this world has to offer comes through Satan and his plan to blind mankind and destroy the elect if possible. Would we love the things the same way? Christ is so beautiful and we can't let this world or the things of this world blind us.

If the good news of the gospel has entered our hearts we can't walk, talk or act the same as darkness. Christ light now shines in us and through us. Maybe "sour patch Christians" have misplaced their joy. If it is in Christ, then our joy is found. This world makes it easy to misplace our joy. We must keep our eyes on the Lord and our hearts in the gospel.

We must remember that Christ has be raised from the dead and that means a whole lot for those that depend on the Savior. That truth alone has the power to change how we live this life today. And like you said, Christ is coming back to bring us home. We are not from here, and we don't belong here. We must though while we are here not waste this life! If we live it is Christ through and through and if we die it is gain. We must prepare for His return and share the hope that we have in Him with the darkness. We have purpose in this world, and it is to live for Christ.

For those that love the darkness rather than the light, we must love them more through deed and truth. But if our joy is misplaced then we will never reach them, and they will think we are miserable and wonder why is what you have better than what this world offers me.

The line is in the sand. We take up our cross and defend the front line and go after Christ with all we have. We stand firm in His grace. If God is for us, who can be against us?

For all those "sour patch Christians", I say take Acts 3:19-20 to heart. It says "Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord"

Keep pressin for His honor and glory Chuck. Regardless of life or death, all we do will be for our King, Jesus Christ!