Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Helping my Parents

We have had an eventful last few days. Over the weekend Teresa and I drove to Spokane to attend a seminar on adopting older kids. The ministry that put it on is Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries, if you want to see what the do you can go to their site. I will write a few posts on Open Doors so if you want to read what went on you can go there.

We went from the seminar to my parents home, just about an hour north of Spokane. My sister had arranged a mini family reunion, since we don't get over too often and it was fun to see many of the younger kids and grand kids.

We went to church with my parents on Sunday and just rested, getting ready for Monday. My sister and her husband had been painting the house on Saturday and so our goal was to finish on Monday. We got up and started and the weather was not too warm, maybe low 90's in the heat of the day. We got the entire outside, save the decks-which they are doing this morning- and got most of the inside completed as well. Many hands make light work.

On Tuesday we decided, since the house was basically painted, that we would go up and get a load of firewood for them. We took a trailer and dad and my sister and her husband got up there first; I think they were there about a half hour before we arrived. We cut the downed trees into lengths of about 4-6' and loaded them in the trailer. Dad has a pretty nice sized trailer and we were able to get it loaded in a hour, which was much faster than I think he was expecting. We brought the trailer back to his house and off loaded it into a nice pile. We then cut about half of it up into lengths for the fireplace.

All this to say that it was nice to be able to help my folks work on their projects. Dad is 75 and he would love to be able to do all this w/o help, but 75 is not 25 or 45. We are to care for our parents and it was really a blessing to do that.

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