Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, today has been 1 month since Grant's event. It seems like just yesterday and also like a long time ago.

Yesterday we were at Children's Hospital for another appointment for Grant. We met with the geneticist to talk about his case and the event. We were also trying to figure out if there is something we are missing in all the tests. So far all the things he thinks it could be are negative, so he would like to start testing on things that "it can't be" since everything "it might be" it doesn't seem to be. In everything it is sweet to know that God knows exactly what Grant has, and He will let us figure it out when, and if, He wants.

While we were waiting for Grant in the lab there were parents with kids coming and going. We have the biggest and strongest kids there, and it makes me smile to see my little buddy so big and strong. It makes me so thankful for the abundance of health we actually have and it makes me hurt for the parents who have water to go through so much deeper than we do. I am also thankful that I don't have to be the one who decides if their child makes it or not. I couldn't do that.

We had the home show today and there was a lady there with a "Children's" vest on, so of course I had to talk to her. She is a Microsoft employee and her daughter has been under their care previously and so she volunteers there. They do impact a lot of families. I'm thankful for the people who spend all the time to learn about their specialties and are reading and studying when all their friends are out goofing off.

We can have a great impact on people if we laugh and cry with them. Sometimes people just need someone to hurt with them and pray for them.

I also talked to someone today whose friend was in the hospital on Easter Sunday, in the CCU when we were there, and their outcome wasn't as easy to understand as ours. A 26 years old husband, and father of 2, was diagnosed with Leukemia and only made it 3 weeks after get the diagnosis. It is so hard for us to understand the frailty of life and the nearness of death. God has a plan even for this family and He will get the Glory from this situation.

We need to enjoy the process that God gives us; to love Him and and the family and friends we have with us, and to tell others the Good News. The Good News of His Mercy and Grace towards us needs to be shared.

“All the world tastes of his sparing mercy, those who hear the gospel partake of his inviting mercy; the saints live by his saving mercy, are preserved by his upholding mercy, are cheered by his consoling mercy, and will enter heaven through his infinite and everlasting mercy. Let grace abounding be our hourly song in the house of our pilgrimage. Let those who feel that they live upon it glorify the plenteous fountain from which it so spontaneously flows.” Spurgeon.

Thanks for your love and prayer for our family the past month,

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