Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are you like a cat?

I was thinking last night that I should be more like our cat "Steve". I know that's a strange name for a cat, but I didn't name him. It fits though. He looks like Garfield, and sort of acts like him too. He is big, lazy and just kind of lays around.

Why should I act more like Steve? He is never worried about anything. When I come home he meows at me, because he is hungry. He knows I will feed him, though there is no way he can really be hungry. He only gets stressed out about loud noises and lots of people in the house. Everything else, he could really care less about. He knows he has a place to sleep and that there will be food for his next meal and that's all that matters to him.

I am not nearly as reliable as my Heavenly Father and yet Steve looks at me like there is no way I could ever forget. There are so many things that could cause me to forget and nothing that can cause God to forget. I must have stronger faith. More of that on the next post.

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